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Often referred to as a modern day mystic, Sheila skillfully blends together ancient wisdoms, modern spiritual teachings and her own memories from the other side to weave a tapestry ripe for spiritual awakening and enhancement.


Below are the 2021 offerings with Sacred U, on Zoom and In-Office Courses.

Sacred U
Walk-In Course

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 Visit the Course on Sacred U

Zoom Meetings







First Monday of each month

Time:  7:00pm - 8:00pm MST 
Invitees: Open

Cosmic Souls on Earth is an organization of Walk-ins, Starseeds, Dimensional Beings, Angelics, etc. We are a community of like-minded beings providing education, support and a safe place to share your cosmic experiences. 

If you are interested in joining us please contact me at  We are here for you!

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Cosmic Consciousness






Second Tuesday of each month

6:00pm - 8:00pm MST in-person and zoom


Our universe is a much bigger place than any of us can possibly imagine.  To help us unravel the mysteries, we will dive into light body activations, excoconsciousness, shamanic travel, crop circles light/sound/frequency, star children, sacred geometry, universal truths, angels, indigo children, mediumship, spiritual breath and begin our light body activations. 

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Group Courses

Making Medicine











Third Sunday of each month

10:00am - 12:30pm MST in-person 


In this class you will learn the basics of shamanism and learn to dance the medicine wheel.  We will study:

  • The upper, lower and middle world

  • Shamanic journey

  • Working with and meet your spiritual allies - spirit, animal, elemental

  • Learn about the sacred medicine herbs

  • The medicine wheel, sacred directions, their attributes, pathways, and moons

  • Medicine tools, altars and shrines

  • And much, much more

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The Hopi 20 Count











Third Sunday of each month

1:00pm - 3:30pm MST in-person


The Hopi 20 Count is a part of the Mystery School teachings that was passed to me by my teacher.  It explains how all things came to be.  These counts are actually spirit beings or guardians that express the manifested creative energies of the Great Mystery and are not a counting system.  Through these teachings you will meet your own 20 count guardians and learn which one to call upon, when to call upon them and what their expressed creative energies are. 

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The Nurturing Basket








First Saturday of February, May, August, November

10:00am - 4pm MST

Women are natural born healers and nurtures.  But what about learning nurturing ourselves? take the time to learn about oils, soaps, divination, oils, chakras, herbal remedies, ancient healing rituals, ceremony and creative play.  Come play with us and make your own nurturing basket and learn to live a life you are excited to live!

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