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Explore the Cosmology of the Soul
and the
Walk-In Phenomenon

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Throughout the ages, across the world, innumerable spiritual explorers have stated that our souls are eternal and grow through the experiences they accrue in an ongoing sequence of incarnations. 

The soul, a persistent, conscious essence, will take one form after another, to fulfill a given purpose each time, and thus contribute to a collective evolution of the conscious, spiritual essence of existence. 

The original or ‘natal’ soul becomes anchored into the body, and typically experiences a wide range of emotions and life stages from birth until death. For various reasons, one soul may make an agreement with another to trade places. 

We call this experience a walk-in event because a new soul has “walked into” a new body. 

There can be many reasons but one is that that a soul doesn’t need a lifetime of experiences and that it has a more focused mission. How do I know this? 

Because I am a walk-in. 

I woke up in the body of a 38-year old woman who was married and had three children. After my integration, universal truths began to fill my mind. These truths are my truths and the way I remember the universe and I share them with you in this course. Join me, as we explore the complexities of walk-ins and cosmology of the soul. 

MODULE ONE: (FREE) Anatomy of the Soul

Sheila begins the course with her walk-in story. Hear her true, fascinating experience of being a walk-in and how her life was turned upside down.

Sheila will then examine the Anatomy of the Soul and discuss our spiritual evolution from being part of Source Energy (God) and how our souls undergo a morphogenetic journey to become the different soul aspects of the Sheantiaskaan, the Higher Self, Spirit, and Soul.

Discover how the soul untethers during the death process and the various steps it goes through to be reunited with the Sheantiaskaan.

When different Sheantiaskaan vibrate at the same or similar frequency, they begin to move closer together, like magnets. Once in close proximity, they become connected and are called soul families. Often multiple soul families are drawn together. When this occurs, they are called soul groups.

Complete the module by exploring the depth of soul families and the influences they can have on our everyday lives.


MODULE TWO: What Is a Walk-In?

In this module we will discuss what a walk-in is and is not; the integration process; pre-birth planning the different scenarios in which a soul arrives, and the upgrading of the bodies systems.

In order for the animation of the physical body to occur, a soul must be present. When the soul enters at birth, it is called the natal soul. In most cases, when the natal soul departs from the body it results in physical death, but not always. Sometimes two souls may have agreed to swap places at a future time or an emergency decision is made to occupy a body that is preparing to expire. When this takes place, the new soul is called a walk-in. Walk-ins can occur at any age, depending on the agreements made between the souls.

Prior to the souls arrival, great strides are taken to prepare the physical body for the change. This change occurs in the body’s neurological system as well as it’s energetic system. Together we will discuss the energy bodies and chakras and how each one is prepared for the walk-in to arrive.

MODULE THREE: Types of Walk-Ins

In this module we will discuss the different types of walk-ins, their possible combinations and review a questionnaire to help you determine if you might be a walk-in.

The type of walk-in the soul assumes vary. A walk-in can enter as a soul exchange, infusion, overlay, braid, jumper, a multidimensional soul layer or a dimensional soul. The soul can bring in countless combinations of soul aspects. Once the soul does arrive, there are countless combinations possible, as the new soul can be a single aspect of the Sheanitaskaan or a multitude of combinations.

The soul is a very powerful energy source that imprints onto the cellular structure of the physical body. We will take a look at the difference between cellular memory and cellular imprinting and discover how we can clear unwanted imprinting and patterns in our lives.

MODULE FOUR: Cosmology of the Soul

Just as Gaia has many races that make up humanity, so the Universe has different races and expressions of soul energy.

In this module, Sheila will take a look at four classifications of soul origins – Earth Seeds, Source Seeds, Dimensional Seeds, and Star Seeds. Within the star seed community we will also discuss Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow, Wanders and Hybrid souls.

Souls are eternal and have taken many forms on this and other planets or dimensions. Each soul has an origin and has been in existence for various lengths of times. Some are new souls while others have been around since the birthing of this universe.

Sheila will further examine the different types of cosmic races and their attributes and complete the module sharing the origins of her soul and the multidimensional soul.


MODULE FIVE: Universal Cycles

Our souls originate from a plethora of solar systems, galaxies, universes (realms), and dimensions to enter into human form.

In module one we discussed the Anatomy of the Soul. In this module, we will strive to understand the nature of the Universe.

We will complete this fascinating course discussing the soul at a deeper level. Sheila will explore and reveal the cosmological mysteries of the various forms and cycles of consciousness and how our Universe is structured. It is a journey not to be missed!

Sheila is a master teacher and the depth of knowledge contained in this course is from her lived experiences and extensive research.

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