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Highly energetic, engaging and dynamic, Sheila is an author, speaker, multidimensional life coach, healer, and past life regressionist that bridges spirituality, consciousness and galactic perspectives with our third dimensional lives. Her passion and desire to be of service to humanity underpins the works she does. She leaves the audience feeling inspired and full of hope for the future. 


A natural public speaker, Sheila has presented during workshops, conferences, retreats and special events for over 20 years. She has been interviewed on radio, television and a featured speaker on internet talk shows and conferences.

Presentation Topics

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CRYSTALLINE GRID SYSTEM is an etheric grid that flows around and through our planet.  At certain locations on the earth there are ley lines and power spots that intersect to create vortexes.  These vortexes are the activation points for healing and transformation.  Learn about these spots, how to access them and to utilize their energies for conscious awakening and evolution. 

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WALK-INS are souls that agree to change places with another soul that is occupying a body.  There are a variety of soul experiences including soul exchanges, soul infusions, overlay souls, braids, and soul layering.  


This change can happen at any age.  These souls arrive from a variety of locations including other dimensions, universes, planets, or realms.  

OVERSOULS are like our own personal cloud storage.  The contain all the experiences from this or any other lifetime or incarnational experience.  They are multifaceted and exist in multiple dimensions at the same time.  Each of us has an oversoul, as does the earth, universe all the way back to Source.  Hear about the many personal and universal oversouls.

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LIVING IN CEREMONY is the act of bringing the sacred into our daily lives.  It allows us to put into action our convictions, to raise our vibratory frequency and to connect with a higher power outside of ourselves.  It provides us an opportunity to allow our internal divinity to expressed and for our creative juices to flow.   When we set aside time to conduct or practice ceremony we are creating a sacred space that provides the opportunity for connection.  It increases our vibratory frequency and causes us to become more grounded and centered, to be calm and release concerns – to clear our fields of lower vibrations by creating higher ones.  It allows the microcosm of us to connect with the macrocosm of the universe and most importantly, to connect our inner selves with the great mystery.  The act of ceremony provides the platform for expression of our convictions.  It anchors us in this reality while elevating our consciousness.

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SHAMANISM is one of the oldest practices on earth.  It connects one with the greater nature spirits and all of creation by using ancient practices from indigenous cultures.  

Learn the language of the rocks and trees.  Connect with your guides, your spirit team,  your spirit teachers.  Travel to the upper world, lower world and middle world.  Discover the power of the spirit keepers and the influence they have on your life.

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