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Multidimensional Life Coach

Are you seeking direction in your life?

Looking for your authentic power?

Craving a balanced body, mind and soul?

Ready for more joy and happiness in your life?

Are you ready to rock your world?

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Sheila will guide you on a co-creative transformational journey to reveal your authentic self.  You will explore joyful solutions to discover your life's mission and your souls true desires as you drop into the authentic power of your being as she leads you to become an explorer of consciousness. 

Sessions can consist of the following: 

* Learn to be your own transformation warrior as you concur the four addictions in life and break the patterns of being stuck. 

*Discover your life purpose. 

* Setting limits, boundaries and personal goals has never been easier. 

* Experience moving through changes such as ending relationships, empty nest, retirement and even Covid-19 with ease and grace. 

* Practice your intuition.

* Meet your spiritual guides, teachers and angels. 

* Discover the esoteric.

* Gain clarity.
* Achieve your personal health and wellness goals.

* Strengthen your relationships

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