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Evolutionary Quantum Healing Technique (EQHT)

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only transformed. Using this same principle  Sheila will identify misaligned patterns in the body, release and realign them to  bring balance to your body, mind and soul. Muscles release their tension, myofascial  tissue unwinds, joints move more fluidly, body aches and pains subside and your mind drops into a state of calmness. 

Crystalline Blueprint Activation (CBA)
The CBA works within the etheric template or blueprint of the body. This body, sometimes called the Light Body, contains the creation templates necessary for the manifestation of the physical body, life experiences, and the unfoldment of the soul's plan. It contains in symbol form, all the archives for the physical experience of life. During your session, Sheila will connect you with soul plan, soul's origin and activate the crystalline grid within the blueprint. 

Reiki is a form of Japanese hands-on healing used for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing.  It is safe for all ages. It even works on your pets! Reiki can heal the past, relationships, and even help bring an air of positivity to a negative situation.

Experience an increase in life vitality and powerful healing from Reiki Master/Teacher, Sheila Seppi, as she works to transform and bring balance to your body, mind and soul and to the lives of your family and loved ones anywhere in the world.  Let Reiki transform you life. 

Walk-In Integration is the process of the soul fully entering into the body and the mind accepting the changes that have occurred. This might sound easy but for most it can be a long and arduous process.  Sheila has walked this walk and it took her nearly 10 years to completely integrate. Let her help you short cut yours. 


For more detailed information about the other healing work that Sheila provides, please visit spiritwaywellness.com.