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Anchor the Divine Feminine with Andromedan Elder Mother Tiamu

Step into this sacred space of transformation and empowerment. Embrace the loving guidance of Andromedan Elder Mother Tiamu, who will transmit awakening energies of the Divine Feminine within you and anchor the light codes of change into your DNA. Let's welcome the new dawn of consciousness.

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Anchor the Divine  Feminine with Andromedan Elder Mother Tiamu
Anchor the Divine  Feminine with Andromedan Elder Mother Tiamu

Orario & Sede

27 giu 2024, 18:05 – 27 lug 2024, 18:01


Info sull'evento

Anchoring the Divine Feminine light language codes into the DNA is a profound process of spiritual transformation and cellular activation. Light language is a sacred, multidimensional form of communication that transcends human languages, carrying frequencies and codes that resonate with our soul and DNA. When these light codes are anchored into our DNA, they initiate a deep awakening and healing process, aligning us with the Divine Feminine's nurturing, intuitive, and creative energies.

The Divine Feminine light language codes hold the essence of feminine wisdom, compassion, and creation. These codes are vibrational imprints that, when integrated into our DNA, activate dormant potentials and elevate our consciousness. This integration facilitates a shift from living in fear and separation to embodying love, unity, and harmony.

Anchoring these light codes into our DNA is crucial for several reasons:

1. Healing and Balancing: The Divine Feminine energy brings a soothing, nurturing quality that helps heal emotional wounds and traumas. It balances the often dominant masculine energy, fostering a state of inner harmony and peace. This balance is essential for holistic well-being, enabling us to navigate life with grace and resilience.

2. Awakening Intuition and Wisdom: The Divine Feminine is intrinsically linked to intuition and inner wisdom. By anchoring these codes into our DNA, we enhance our intuitive abilities and reconnect with our innate knowledge. This heightened intuition guides us to make choices that align with our highest good and the greater good of all.

3. Activating Creative Potential* The creative energy of the Divine Feminine is potent and transformative. When these light codes are integrated into our DNA, they unlock our creative potential, allowing us to express ourselves authentically and bring our unique gifts into the world. This activation supports personal and collective growth, fostering innovation and positive change.

4. Elevating Consciousness: Anchoring the Divine Feminine light codes elevates our consciousness, shifting our perspective from ego-centered to heart-centered living. This shift promotes unity, compassion, and cooperation, essential qualities for creating a harmonious and sustainable world.

5. Enhancing Spiritual Connection: These light codes strengthen our connection to the Divine and the spiritual realms. They help us remember our soul's purpose and align with the higher frequencies of love and light. This deepened spiritual connection provides guidance, support, and a sense of belonging in the cosmic tapestry of life.

The process of anchoring the Divine Feminine light language codes into our DNA involves conscious intention, meditation, and often, the assistance of spiritual guides or healers who can channel these frequencies. As we open ourselves to receive these codes, we undergo a transformation that resonates at both cellular and energetic levels, bringing us into greater alignment with our true essence.

Anchoring the Divine Feminine light language codes into our DNA is a powerful practice that heals, awakens, and transforms. It brings balance, enhances intuition, activates creativity, elevates consciousness, and deepens our spiritual connection. By embracing these codes, we contribute to our personal evolution and the collective ascension of humanity, co-creating a world rooted in love, unity, and harmony.


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