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Awaken the Universe Within

Whether you're seeking to deepen your spiritual practice, experience holographic alchemy or awaken your cosmic consciousness, Sheila is here to guide you on your journey. 

Celebrated author, international speaker, healer, teacher, multidimensional life coach, regression therapist, and shamanic practitioner, Sheila blends various spiritual modalities to help you explore the realms of self-discovery and transformation.

With one-on-one sessions, courses, and live events, Sheila invites you to unlock all dimensions of yourself and activate the universe within. 

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International Speaker, author, healer, and coach, Sheila believes that we all are multidimensional beings ready to awaken to all our dimensions, and our role in the universe.

Learn more about Sheila's spiritual awakening, explore her sessions and courses, or stream her recurring series on Conscious Awakening Network. 

About Sheila Seppi

Interested in booking Sheila as a speaker? Get her Press Sheet and Bio.

Awaken More Dimensions of Your Spirituality

Identifying a need to build communities for the cosmically curious to have conscious conversations that truly awaken the universe within, Sheila founded The Quantum Energy Center, Conscious Awakening Network, 
SpiritWay Wellness and The Galactic Alliance. 

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