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Our Clients

Sessions and Courses For the Cosmically Curious

 Whether you're looking to deepen your spiritual practice, awaken your multidimensional abilities, enhance your well-being, or share your wisdom with the world, Sheila's services support you every step of the way.

Sheila blends various spiritual modalities to help you explore the realms of self-discovery and transformation with techniques to awaken every dimension of you.

Enjoy Sheila's private sessions, and transformational courses to awaken a universe of possibilities.

private sessions
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Private Sessions

Services to awaken your abilities and enhance your well-being. Sheila will blend techniques and modalities most suitable to your needs. Keep scrolling to learn more. 

30 min

select from the services below

Go deeper into all aspects of you

60 min

select your own from below

Rebalance mind, body, spirit

90 min

select your own from below 

Bring all your dimensions to life


Path of the Wild Woman

Throughout time, women have gathered to support and nurture each other.

SRT/New Earth One Special
Lauren Galey

Soul Reconnection Technique

Soul Reconnection Technique is designed to work in the holographic matrix of the energy field of the body to release, realign and reconnect back to your original soul template.

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Beyond the Ordinary 
John Burgos

Holographic Grid Realignment

Holographic Grid Realignment  is designed to remover the blockages and realignment your frequencies to be able to release and heal the patterns that hold you back. 

Book Sheila Through SpiritWay

For those looking for a quicker way to book a session with Sheila, visit and schedule an one-hour life coaching session Monday - Wednesday.  Life Coaching is the generic catch all phrase used to describe all the below modality options on the SWS site.

Show specials do not apply and this is for new sessions only. 

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Sessions to Awaken the Universe Within

60 min

Walk-In Integration

Help the soul fully enter the body

90 min

Soul Reconnection Technique

Heal wounds imprinted on the soul

60 min

Crystalline Blueprint Activation

Step into the power of you

90 min

Crystalline Blueprint & Healing

+ Galactic Healing & Reading

60 min

Galactic Soul Reading

Discover the origins of your soul

60 min

Angel & Spirit Guide Reading

Connect with your guides

90 min

Spiritual Hypnosis

Go deeper into all aspects of you

30 min

Evolutionary Quantum Healing

Rebalance mind, body, spirit

60 min

Multidimensional Life Coaching

Bring all your dimensions to life

Interested in booking Sheila as a speaker? Get her Press Sheet and Bio.

Courses, Workshops & Practitioners

Courses and workshops on multidimensional topics to awaken the universe within.


Walk-Ins & the Cosmology of the Soul

Explore the fascinating experience of Walk-In Souls, and your pre-birth plan, soul origin, soul group, and soul family members. Unravel the mysteries of our eternal souls.

You may purchase this course with or without a 30 minute soul reading. 


Conscious Business Building  Course

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Techniques to Awaken All Dimensions of You

Celebrated author, international speaker, healer, teacher, multidimensional life coach, regression therapist, and shamanic practitioner, Sheila blends various spiritual modalities to help you explore the realms of self-discovery and transformation.

Sheila's modalities include:



Angelic Spiritual Readings

Hear the ruffling of feathers as the angels gather. Feel their presence all around you.  Accept their messages for your life.  Discover your spiritual purpose on this Earth. Working with the Angels is a natural part of Sheila's life. After all, she began her life's journey there.  Learn about spiritual self at a deep level by participating in the Angelic Spiritual Reading.  Connect with the Angels and feel their majesty in your life. 

Conscious Business Coaching

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, there is a growing desire to approach business from a place of consciousness. The idea of conscious business creation refers to building businesses that are in alignment with our own souls' guidance, incorporating your values, and ultimately, serving a higher purpose beyond just making a profit. To achieve this, it is crucial to adopt a professional approach that is grounded in mindfulness, self-awareness, and a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of everything. The result is a conscious business that is not only profitable but also makes meaningful contributions to the world.


Crystalline Blueprint Activation (CBA)
The CBA works within the etheric template or blueprint of the body. This body, contains the creation templates necessary for the manifestation of the physical body, life experiences, and the unfoldment of the soul's plan. It contains in symbol form, all the archives for the physical experience of life. During your session, Sheila will connect you with your soul plan, your soul's origin and activate the crystalline grid within the blueprint. 

Crystalline Blueprint Clearing/Reading/Galactic Healing 

During this session your will receive 90 minutes of information, activation and healing to the etheric bodies, crystalline blueprint.  This blueprint houses all the instructions for the bio-computer avatar body and the soul journey.  Discover and activate the plan for your life, the joy for your soul and the peace for your mind.  Once activated, the energy of the Galactics will work with Sheila to bring your clearing, rejuvenation and a whole new outlook on life. 


Galactic Soul Reading

In the beginning of time, when Source desired to know itself, waves of energy burst forth from Source into fractals.  These fractals began their adventures of individuation.  Each went their separate way and like a magnet was drawn to its first soul experience.  Discover the origins of your soul be it in a realm, dimension, planet or other and learn about its galactic adventures.

Holographic Grid Realignment

"Holographic Grid Realignment", anatomy of the spiritual bodies, is a holistic healing method designed to address blockages and patterns that hinder personal healing, growth and well-being. Drawing from the concept of holographic principles and the idea of energetic grids within the body, this approach aims to realign these subtle energy systems to restore balance and harmony on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Long Distance Intuitive and EQHT Vial Healing
Whether you are sitting in a room or across the world, energy connects with you where ever you are.  Sheila has mastered the art of long-distance energy healing.  Tapping into her collective energy and knowledge, Sheila will bring to your body, mind and spirit healing, relaxation and peac

Multidimensional Life Coaching

Sheila will guide you on a co-creative transformational journey to reveal your authentic self.  You will explore joyful solutions to discover your life's mission and your souls true desires as you drop into the authentic power of your being as she leads you to become an explorer of consciousness. 

Shamanic Journeying
Shamanic Journey into the upper and lower worlds can be a life changing experience.  Here you can meet your guides, teachers and departed loved ones.  You can discover the secrets of the universe and learn to ground them into your life.  Shamanic Journey is a way to access our inner landscape by removing the egoic nature of our selves. The journey takes place by laying down, closing or covering your eyes and riding the sound of the drum inward. Using Shamanic Journey, Sheila can help you become your own healer. 

Soul Reconnection Technique™

The Soul Reconnection Technique™ was given to Sheila by her Arcturian, Angelic, Andromedan healing team. SRT the process of healing old soul wounds that have imprinted onto your soul and into your cellular structure.  Whether in this or any other lifetime, our souls hold the overall history of every thought, action or deed that has ever happened to us and it is imprinted on to the soul. These wounds are then uploaded into our personal oversoul where they follow us from lifetime to lifetime until they are healed.  This work allow you to release the past and embrace the future.  Discover what has been holding you back. This life changing work requires a 90-minutes session. The 90-minutes sessions offers only the reading and clearing. 

Using this technique Sheila will bring in new codes for: The Original Human Template; Original Soul Codes; Personal Soul Codes; Protection/Stability; Balance Masculine/Feminine; Reconnect you to the original Time/Space/Reality Matrix; Anchor fluidity for release and letting go; Redistribute the flow of Universal energies; Templates of Creation; Source Conception Architectural; Universal Consciousness Field; and Light and Sound Matrix.

Sheila and her team will bring in the codes and clear the ley lines of the body reconnecting you to:  Original memory of humanity; Unfoldment of your souls plan for this life; Energy of Rebirth; Energy of Protection and Stability; Power of Transformation; Original Holographic Matrix and Nonlinear time; Multidimensional self connections; Unity Consciousness; Connection with Lords of Karma; Divine Love Christ Consciousness; Crystalline formations on the exterior of the body.


Spirit Guide Connections

Spirit Guides come in many forms.  It is said when you incarnate you have six guides that agree to walk this Earth walk with you from the other side.  Whether your guides are ancestors, angelic, extraterrestrial, or companions in spirit form, learning to contact and work with them can assist you in your daily life.  Sheila has more than 22 years experience in working and teaching others to make these lifelong connections. Working with your guides can bring healing on multiple levels. 


Walk-in Integration

Walk-In Integration is the process of the soul fully entering into the body and the mind accepting the changes that have occurred. This might sound easy but for most it can be a long and arduous process.  Sheila has walked this walk and it took her nearly 10 years to fully integrate. First, she had to clear the Karma of the previous soul.  Next, she had to clear the cellular imprinting.  Finally she was able to embrace her mission.

   Walk-in Cosmology of the Soul Course
Throughout the ages, across the world, innumerable spiritual explorers have stated that our souls are eternal and grow through the experiences they accrue in an ongoing sequence of incarnations. ​The soul, a persistent, conscious essence, will take one form after another, to fulfill a given purpose each time, and thus contribute to a collective evolution of the conscious, spiritual essence of existence. Delve into the
mystifying cycles of the soul.


   Soul Reconnection Technique™ Course

Too many people focus on seeking help from the outside when true transformation occurs on the inside. During this four week course, you will learn how to transform your life and the lives of others from the inside out and the outside. By the end of the course you will be a changed person as you will have learned how to pull back the veils of spiritual mastery and reclaim the lost wisdom and connections that are your divine birthright.

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