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About Sheila Seppi

Sheila Seppi is a soul exchange walk-in.  She entered into the body of a 38-year old mother with three children and was immediately healed from documented illnesses and took on a new personality with spiritual gifts and memories she didn’t even believe in. Her life was transformed, and she has never been the same.

She is an author of “Walk-Ins Cosmology of the Soul,” an international speaker, multidimensional life coach, holographic grid alchemist, regression therapist, light language and shamanic practitioner, and a spiritual teacher. She works the higher dimensional frequencies to empower others to embrace their own multidimensional aspects

through a variety of services.

Sheila is the Founder of The Galactic Alliance and most recently Conscious Awakening Network where she has a recurring series Cosmic Conversations with Sheila Seppi.

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Our Galactic Origins

A walk-in event happens when a soul has “walked into” a new body. Once a walk-in event has occurred many people are left bewildered for day, months and even years. Some people may not even be aware that such an event has occurred as they retain the memories of the previous soul; however, they know that something has changed.

They feel different; they know things without knowing how or why; they have new tastes in food; their limits and boundaries have changed; their behavioral patterns change; their spiritual beliefs dramatically change; or their belief systems change. Some people suddenly disconnect from family and friends and change jobs, get divorced or move to a new town or city.

If you are a walk-in, it's helpful to seek out someone who might be a walk-in themselves. If you'd like to go awaken a deeper understanding in yourself, consider joining a community of other like-minded souls who share your experience.


There are many common traits among walk-in souls. Are you one of them?

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Better understand your experience through Sheila's self-paced course Walk-ins: Cosmology of the Soul.

Join Sheila for her Conscious Awakening series on youtube and Conscious Awakening Network.


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Walkin-Ins: The Cosmology of the Soul is a groundbreaking book that sheds light on the mysteries of soul entry, origin, and experience.


Published by Sheila Seppi, in collaboration with 15 other walk-ins and 8 experts on the nature of souls, this book provides a comprehensive guide to understanding the different types of walk-ins, preparation for their entry, and the nature of the soul itself. With insights from souls originating from Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturian, Mantis, Lyran, Vega, and Andromedan systems, and dimensions ranging from 7th to 13th, this book offers a unique perspective on the multi-dimensional nature of the soul and our galactic origins.

Available on eBook, Audible book, iTunes, and 

Get Sheila's self-paced accompanying course.

Walk-ins: Cosmology of the Soul

Interested in booking Sheila as a speaker? Get her Press Sheet and Bio.

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