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Our Clients

Sessions and Courses For the Cosmically Curious

 Whether you're looking to deepen your spiritual practice, awaken your multidimensional abilities, enhance your well-being, or share your wisdom with the world, Sheila's services support you every step of the way.

Sheila blends various spiritual modalities to help you explore the realms of self-discovery and transformation with techniques to awaken every dimension of you.

Enjoy Sheila's private sessions, and transformational courses to awaken a universe of possibilities.

private sessions
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Private Sessions

Services to awaken your abilities and enhance your well-being. Sheila will blend techniques and modalities most suitable to your needs. Keep scrolling to learn more. 

30 min

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Monday - Wednesday 60 min - No codes accepted

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60 min - Codes accepted

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$189 | Purchase

DALL·E 2024-06-01 12.09.11 - A majestic Andromedan Elder Mother, embodying the divine femi

Elder Mother

Light Language Activation

during this on hour transformative event clear, upgrade, and activate your DNA to the powerful new ascension energies now flooding our beloved Earth .

June 28                     10:00am MT
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Interested in booking Sheila as a speaker? Get her Press Sheet and Bio.

Courses, Workshops & Practitioners

Courses and workshops on multidimensional topics to awaken the universe within.


Walk-Ins & the Cosmology of the Soul

Explore the fascinating experience of Walk-In Souls, and your pre-birth plan, soul origin, soul group, and soul family members. Unravel the mysteries of our eternal souls.

You may purchase this course with  reading. 


Conscious Business Building  Course

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Techniques to Awaken All Dimensions of You

Celebrated author, international speaker, healer, teacher, multidimensional life coach, holographic alchemist, light language practitioner, regression therapist, and shamanic practitioner, Sheila blends various spiritual modalities to help you explore the realms of self-discovery and transformation.

Sheila's modalities include:

Holographic Alchemy

Soul Reconnection Technique
Experience a profound journey to reconnect with your soul's essence, realigning with your highest self and purpose. This technique helps you to heal past traumas, clear energetic blockages, and align your life path with your true soul mission.

Holographic Grid Realignment
Restore the balance and harmony of your energetic field by realigning the holographic grids that govern your physical and spiritual well-being. This process enhances your energy flow, promotes healing, and supports your overall health and vitality.

Crystalline Blueprint Clearing
Clear and reset your crystalline blueprint to release blockages, allowing for the full expression of your true self. This clearing helps you to access higher states of consciousness and facilitates deep spiritual transformation.

Light Language
Enhanced DNA enables a heightened perception of higher dimensions and spiritual realms. This profound upgrade allows individuals to access elevated states of consciousness, facilitating practices like astral travel and communication with advanced, higher-dimensional beings.



Angelic Reading
Receive guidance and messages from the angelic realm, providing insights and clarity for your life's path. These readings offer a profound sense of peace, support, and encouragement from your guardian angels.

Galactic Soul Reading
Explore your soul's galactic origins and connections, gaining a deeper understanding of your cosmic heritage and mission. This reading helps you to integrate your galactic wisdom and align with your higher purpose.

Spiritual Life Coaching

Multidimensional Life Coaching 
Navigate the complexities of life with multidimensional coaching, integrating spiritual principles to enhance your overall well-being. This coaching addresses all aspects of your life, including emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual dimensions. This is not a healing session. 


Conscious Business Coaching
Elevate your business with conscious coaching, aligning your professional endeavors with your spiritual values and purpose. This coaching helps you to create a successful and fulfilling career that is in harmony with your personal growth and ethical values.

Special Offering

Andromedan Elder Mother DNA and Light Code Activation
Activate your DNA with light codes under the guidance of Andromedan Elder Mother, enhancing your spiritual evolution and unlocking your highest potential. Upgraded DNA improves the efficiency of cellular processes, leading to faster and more effective cellular regeneration and repair and the ability to hold higher frequencies in the body. 

Frequency and Optimization

AO Scan
The AO Scan is an advanced bio-resonance technology designed to assess and balance the body's energetic fields. Utilizing principles from quantum physics and bioenergetics, the AO Scan provides a comprehensive analysis of the body's health by detecting and interpreting the frequencies emitted by cells, tissues, and organs. This non-invasive device offers insights into physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, helping individuals understand their current state of health and identify areas needing attention.

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