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Chhath Puja


Throughout time, women have gathered to support and nurture each other. You are invited to drop into self care release your worries, and step into a sacred space of reawaken your inner wild woman.


More than ever women are learning to embracing the ancient concept of the Sacred Feminine. Women have historically held a unique connection to nature, life, and spirituality, and that connection has given us access to knowledge and wisdom that can be critically important to any community. By turning to the Sacred Feminine, we can rediscover the balance that we need to take on life with confidence and integrity. It's time to bring the power of the Sacred Feminine back into our daily lives and reclaim the knowledge and resources that have been there all along.

Gather with us as rediscover the ancient traditions held by our grandmothers. Learn to call on the sacred spirits to bring balance and clarity into our lives. Learn to step into the magic of the divine feminine as we hold personal ceremony together.

What to expect

What you can expect:


  • Ceremonial Opening (ie. setting space)

  • Embodiment practices (ie. breath work, shadow and inner child work, meditation, shamanic journey)

  • Nurturing activities for the soul (ie. oils, ceremonial waters), herbal items)

  • Indigenous and mystical teachings and story telling

  • Ceremonial activities (ie. Altar building, sacred herb, crystal work)

Things to know

Things to Know:

  • Location: EagleVail, Colorado

  • Timing: 10am - 5pm

  • Monthly gathering in-person and on Zoom monthly. Each month offers different opportunities for self discovery and community. Come each month or only when you can. 

What to bring

What to bring:

  • Bring a dish to share during ritual feasting at noon.

  • Medicine blanket or blanket of choice, any ceremonial items that call to you.

  • Exchange: $55

How to dance the dance

Dancing the dance

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