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Soul Healing Technique

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This course includes:

  • Everything you need to learn and conduct the Soul Healing Technique™.

  • All the materials necessary to conduct a soul healing session. 

  • Code Attunement

  • Group Soul Healing Technique™ session with Sheila.

  • Certificate of Completion. 

  • Personal session with Sheila.

  • Incorporate Soul Healing Technique™ into your business or create a new business with step-by-step guidance by Sheila.


You will learn: 

  • Ley Lines of the Body

  • 12 Chakras System

  • Dimensions of creation 

  • Densities

  • Levels of Consciousness

  • Universal Connections and Codes

  • Dimensional Sacred Geometry 

  • Layers of the Oversoul 

  • DNA Connection

  • Color and Sound Frequencies

  • Healing Energies

  • Matrix Rebuilding

  • Soul Wounds

  • How to reconnect all the above levels to each other, to the client and the universe


Course begins: August 5th
Course dates:  August 5, 12, 19, 26

Time: 8:00am to 11:00pm

Cost: $2753 
Certification at the end of the course. 

Soul Healing Technique™

Reconnect to your Highest Divine You


Too many people focus on seeking help from the outside when true transformation occurs on the inside. During this four-week, 12-hour course, you will learn how to transform your life and the lives of others from the inside out and the outside in. By the end of the course, you will be a changed person.  You will have learned how to pull back the veils of spiritual mastery and reclaim the lost wisdom and connections that are your divine birthright. 

This technique was taught to Sheila and given to her to teach you by her Angelic and Andromeda healing team.  


Connect with your highest mind to supercharge your intuition, confidence, purpose, and mission in life.

  • Live, on-line,  4-week small group on zoom, three hours each.

  • Learn to be in harmony, co-creation and peace with all beings.

  • Experience self-healing and make new friends in a loving, supportive community.

  • Anchor elevated dimensional frequencies back into your body. 

  • Step into the fullness of you!  

  • Release the old stories, blockages and patterns. 

  • Restore your original 12-strands crystalline DNA. 

  • Embrace total body/mind/spirit healing. 

  • Drop into the energy of your higher mind. 

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